DeltaRho Research

Research in the DeltaRho project collectively covers all of the intellectual areas of data science, from cluster hardware design for big data to theoretical statistics. The fundamental approach behind the research is Divide & Recombine (D&R). In D&R, the data are divided into subsets, analytic methods are applied to each subset independently without communication between subsets, and the subsets’ outputs for each method are recombined. Research in statistical theory seeks division methods and recombination methods to optimize the statistical accuracy of D&R results. While D&R is a statistical approach, its goal is simple, fast, scalable computation.

Select Publications

The following publications provide more detail about research relevant to DeltaRho, as well as illustrate the principles of D&R in various applications:


Our team consists of faculty, students, and technical staff at the Purdue University Department of Statistics, statisticians and computer scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and several independent contributors.