Analyze and Visualize Large Complex Data in R

DeltaRho is an open source project with the goal of providing methods and tools that enable deep analysis of large complex data.

Deep Analysis

Big data is usually complex, and to get the most out of the data — to do deep analysis — requires a great deal of flexibility in analytical methods and data structures.

Our goal with DeltaRho is to provide flexibility at scale, allowing the thousands of analytic, visualization, and machine learning methods available in R, along with any R data structure, to be used with large complex data. Behind this effort is a statistical approach called Divide and Recombine (D&R).

Read more about D&R research

Detailed Visualization

Visualization is essential in all aspects of data analysis. To avoid missing critical insights, it is important to be able to visualize the data in detail, particularly with big data.

Our visualization system in DeltaRho, Trelliscope, provides a way to easily and flexibly specify scalable detailed visualizations. Trelliscope is a natural visual extension of the D&R approach.

Try a demo of Trelliscope

Try it Out

You can start playing around with the DeltaRho packages by simply installing the base R packages from CRAN. The back-end agnostic design of these packages allows you to try things out locally before working on a cluster.

See examples at our quickstart page

# Install base DeltaRho packages from CRAN

The best way to get started digging deeper into DeltaRho is to follow the tutorials for our software components in the following order: datadr, Trelliscope, RHIPE.

Also visit the quickstart page for more information on installation.


For general usage questions, check in on our gitter chat room.

For bugs or feature requests, feel free to post issues on github: datadr, trelliscope, RHIPE.

Get Involved

Contributors are welcome! Visit our Github Organization page and feel free to fork any of our component repositories: datadr, trelliscope, RHIPE. And check out our contributing guide. Join and introduce yourself on our gitter dev chat room.